Mail a donation.  Make a check out to CCLF, and mail it to:
                     Custer County Library Foundation
                     447 Crook Street
                     Custer, SD  57730-1509
(Be sure to include your name, phone number, and address.
 Please call us at 605-673-4803 if you have any questions.)
  •  One-Time Donors  -  single donations are most welcome.  They can be made on-line or through the mail.
  • Sustaining Donors  -  monthly donations - automatically deducted from checking accounts or charged to your credit card.  You can change your donation amount or cancel it anytime.
  • Memorial Gifts  -  these are traditional ways to remember loved ones.
  • Honor Gifts  -  acknowledge someone who has had a significant impact on your life, or you can mark an important event, such as a graduation.
  • Legacy Circle  -  when you make a provision for the CCLF in your will, you plan to benefit generations to come.
  • Endowments  -  create an endowment to ensure that your support of the CCLF continues forever.  Endowments can be used to memorialize you or a loved one.


Business &  Corporate Support
“I believe that a library outranks any one thing that a community can do for its people.  It is the never failing spring in the desert.”   Andrew Carnegie
A business or corporate gift to the CCLF is a great way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to the community.  Not only will your gift build our community’s capacity for economic activity, your company will benefit from public recognition for your support through the Foundation website, newsletters, events and press releases.
To make arrangements for a gift contact the Foundation.
Planned Gifts
A planned gift to the CCLF helps ensure the future growth and sustainability of the Custer County Library.   You can provide a legacy of knowledge through planned giving as you plan for your financial future.
  • Direct Gifts to CCLF
What:  stocks, bonds, cash, Real Estate, personal property (art, vehicles, etc.)
Why:  Income tax deduction, possible estate tax deduction
Who:  Anyone who wants to support library services
  •  Bequests through a Will, Trust or Beneficiary Plan
What:  a gift through your will allows you to retain ownership and management of your assets during your lifetime.
Why:  possible estate tax savings, allows you to retain ownership and management of your assets, modifications can be made if life situations change
Who:  For those who want to make a substantial gift to libraries, and would like to retain assets during their lifetime.